Only Flying

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Only Flying is a collection of surreal free verse and prose poetry that celebrates transformation and paradox, exploring both the silence of the seeker and the outrageous wilderness of the imagination. Thematic threads like rebellion, enlightenment, risk, courage, love, loss, and triumph dance to life with pictures that swing from dark to light, surreal to whimsical, and strange to familiar. There are intimate goddesses here, black widows, buddhas, alley cats, a kangaroo, and magic pants—blacklight-blue Hendrix flares that hang from a fire escape, just waiting for the right person to jump up and steal them. That person is you.

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“It Takes More Sparrows” and “Just a Story” in Lamplit Underground Magazine

I’m so proud to have these two surreal pieces in the new issue of Lamplit Underground Magazine! One is the true story of a dream I had last year that I would die by gunshot; the other, a poem, imagines ten thousand sparrows flying with strings on their necks, carrying a piano closer to home. I didn’t think of either of them as protest pieces, but in this collection, at this moment, they feel that way. Read them here: Lamplit Underground Vol. 7: Burial at Sea