Only Flying

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Only Flying is a collection of surreal free verse and prose poetry that celebrates transformation and paradox, exploring both the silence of the seeker and the outrageous wilderness of the imagination. Thematic threads like rebellion, enlightenment, risk, courage, love, loss, and triumph dance to life with pictures that swing from dark to light, surreal to whimsical, and strange to familiar. There are intimate goddesses here, black widows, buddhas, alley cats, a kangaroo, and magic pants—blacklight-blue Hendrix flares that hang from a fire escape, just waiting for the right person to jump up and steal them. That person is you.

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Featured author: The Dribble Drabble Review

I’m so proud to be a featured author in the gorgeous fall issue of The Dribble Drabble Review! Two 50-word prose poems and two 100-word ones were published here today; three of the four are adapted from pieces in Only Flying. TDDR has been recognized by the Communicator Awards and is a 2021 International Webby Awards honoree. The fall issue is full of stunning images and some of the most sublime microfiction around: TDDR Fall 2022

“The Homes of Birds” wins Colorado Hearts and Minds Poetry Contest

I’m excited to share that my narrative poem, “The Homes of Birds,” was a first-round winner in the 2022 Colorado Hearts and Minds Poetry Contest, a statewide competition that featured entries from 46 different counties. The poem, originally published in 2020 in the anthology A Walk with Nature, also won the 2020 nature writing contest at A Story in 100 Words and is featured on the Nearby Universe website here.