“The Homes of Birds” wins Colorado Hearts and Minds Poetry Contest

I’m excited to share that my narrative poem, “The Homes of Birds,” was a first-round winner in the 2022 Colorado Hearts and Minds Poetry Contest, a statewide competition that featured entries from 46 different counties. The poem, originally published in 2020 in the anthology A Walk with Nature, also won the 2020 nature writing contest at A Story in 100 Words and is featured on the Nearby Universe website here.

“It Takes More Sparrows” and “Just a Story” in Lamplit Underground Magazine

I’m so proud to have these two surreal pieces in the new issue of Lamplit Underground Magazine! One is the true story of a dream I had last year that I would die by gunshot; the other, a poem, imagines ten thousand sparrows flying with strings on their necks, carrying a piano closer to home. I didn’t think of either of them as protest pieces, but in this collection, at this moment, they feel that way. Read them here: Lamplit Underground Vol. 7: Burial at Sea