“It Takes More Sparrows” and “Just a Story” in Lamplit Underground Magazine

I’m so proud to have these two surreal pieces in the new issue of Lamplit Underground Magazine! One is the true story of a dream I had last year that I would die by gunshot; the other, a poem, imagines ten thousand sparrows flying with strings on their necks, carrying a piano closer to home. I didn’t think of either of them as protest pieces, but in this collection, at this moment, they feel that way. Read them here: Lamplit Underground Vol. 7: Burial at Sea

Pikes Peak Poetry Summit

I was honored to be invited to speak on the local poets’ panel at the Pikes Peak Poetry Summit, which included performances from Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Ashley Cornelius, Colorado state Poet Laureate Bobby LeFebre, and others. I spoke on the difference between conscious and mystical poetic inspiration, being an author and a mom, poetry communities, and the intersection of poetry and activism. My commentary was published HERE.